RSS, teach me how to blog!

So I am still fairly reluctant and I’m still very hesitant. I need some serious help. My RSS feeds are focused on how to blog, why to blog and what to blog. So what exactly have I found out? Apparently according to ProBlogger it’s all about setting long-term goals, just check out the article ‘Long-term Goal-setting for Successful Bloggers’. So what’s the key, here is my interpretation:

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  • Make a sustainable goal
  • Orientate your goal around you
  • Walk don’t run!
  • Learn from your failure

Easier said than done I’m sure, but I think for me it has to start with some positivity. Whether it’s just convincing myself that blogging isn’t the self-obsessed hobby I first thought or perhaps even just removing the slight cringe from my face as I write into the white box that appears on my screen.


Creative Commons Licensing

I have decided to treat my Blog as a very much two way based mode of Communication. Therefore I am open to any constructive, critical and argumentative comments. This will allow my readers to engage with my blog content. I will treat spam as comments that don’t comment on blog content, but are irrelevant and irrational. I have chosen the creative commons license as follows:

  • Allow others to share my work: ‘Yes, as long as others share alike’
  • I will not allow commercial use of my work
  • And if my work is reproduced I request attribution to this blog, using my name

See below in my widgets to see, my creative commons license.

‘Sydney Swans’, Flying Under the Radar?

With the help of newly discovered ‘Google Alerts’ I have been excited to find out without trolling through pages and pages of news. I can be automatically notified when something intriguing surfaces about the boys at the Sydney Swans. Most notably this week my Google Alerts sent me a link to ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ article, ‘Swans avoiding complacency against Bulldogs’ (access at:

I absolutely agree with the sentiment of the argument of the article and feel like this week gives the Swannies a chance to build confidence coming into finals. Western Bulldogs, an under performing and out of form outfit, give the Swans a chance to implement game plans and for the experienced players to step-up and inspire the team after their loss to Collingwood last week. Furthermore my ‘Google Alerts’ notified me of the ‘Herald Sun’ article concerning Sydney’s said under performance at ANZ Stadium and how the Swans only need to go as far as examining the statistics to realise this is not the case (access at:

Can this week at Etihad help rebuild ‘The Bloods’ confidence. I hope yes! Bring on finals!

I have also received a ranged of interesting articles via ‘Google Alerts’ about my other two subscriptions, The Australian Ballet and The United Nations. Watch this space for more on that.

An inspiration…

An outstanding performer in so many rights. Beyonce has always inspired me. Whether it is her amazing confidence or the value she places in being proud of your own achievements and striving for excellence. Beyonce has amazing talent. This particular video and song has come to hold a special place in my life. Beyonce prompts us to make a difference in the world and environment we live in. This video tells the story of a journey of Beyonce’s life through the use of archival footage, as well the live performance at Revel last year. A video that has a nostalgic quality whilst taking the viewer on a journey and attempting to create a personal connection between Beyonce and the audience. In my view the strength of this video is the way in which it uses creative editing and archival footage to create a very prominent sense of place and time in order to create a strong narrative with the overall theme of achieving ones dreams and aspiring to be influential in the world.