RSS Teach Me How to Blog cont.

Once again I have gone to my RSS feeds for tips on how to turn this ‘reluctant’ blogger into an enthusiastic one. The feed I found most useful in this instance was Blog Go Down. More specifically the blog post ‘5 Steps to Building More Confidence with Your Readers’

It’s not as though I have the suggested 250 visitors a day, but I still found I could draw some keys points from the blog written by guest blogger, Nathan Kash. The blog post discussed in a logical manner, using sub-headings the way in which as a blogger needs to have specific goals and ideas concerning the way their blog operates and the content that is posted. As the article suggests:

‘The main reason random visitors don’t end up converting i.e. subscribing to your lists, feeds or buying a product is simply that they do not trust you. They have come to your site sure enough but you haven’t given them a reason to stay or keep coming.’ (Source: Nathan Kash 2012, (‘5 Steps to Building More Confidence with Your Readers’)

The key steps Kash suggests are as follows:

  1. Focus on your content
  2. Find a compelling angle for your content
  3. Create a posting schedule
  4. Reply to all your comments
  5. Build a relationship with other bloggers

(Source: Nathan Kash 2012, ‘5 Steps to Building More Confidence with Your Readers’ )

The step I found most useful with the stage I am currently at in my blogging career and where I want to take blogging after the conclusion of ‘Networked Media’ was step 1. In terms of content, according to the research I did by reading this blog post, I need to discover a niche. Something that is specific to my blog and appealing to readers, that has a clear directional focus. This prompted me to begin brainstorming where my niche may lie.

This research, employing the use of my RSS feed proved very useful as it has provided me with an easy to follow process that I can follow and adapt with as blogging career develops.

I also found reading the reactions via twitter at the bottom of the blog post interesting (see image below), I also believe this is a great way to extend the reach of ones blog, allowing a blog writer to connect with a much wider audience.


(Source: Nathan Kash 2012, ‘5 Steps to Building More Confidence with Your Readers’ , accessed 12.02pm 7 September 2012)


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